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Verliux Full Spectrum

Happy Eyes
Gooseneck Floor Lamp

LIST $129 +S&H

   Bright 27 watt equal to 150 watt bulb
   Flicker Elimination Technology™
   Graphite, Ivory or Burl Color
   Utility Tray Included

Bring the benefits of natural daylight indoors with the original full spectrum, natural daylight floor lamp – now with deluxe features that set Verilux® apart from the crowd!

With 20% brighter light output, high-low brightness control and a parabolic light diffuser for advanced glare protection, you get just the right amount of carefully directed, full spectrum light to see fine details clearly and enjoy the true color of fabrics, photos, and paintings - all while protecting yourself from eyestrain and fatigue.

And now, every Original Natural Spectrum® Deluxe Floor Lamp comes with a matching Verilux® Utility Tray!* This convenient, detachable tray turns your Deluxe Floor Lamp into a handy table lamp -- perfect for computer work, reading, writing, sewing, painting, needlepoint and windowless offices.

The patented Verilux® 27 watt, energy saving bulb with Trucolite Phosphor Technology™ lasts 5,000 hours and delivers brightness equal to 150 watts of ordinary light.

State-of-the-art electronics with Flicker Elimination Technology™ constantly monitors and adjusts the flow of electricity to your lamp to ensure sight-saving instant-on, flicker-free illumination. Verilux